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As I mentioned before I'm an active member of the Pojo forums. I'm also a member of three of the theoretical and support teams on there.
Over a year ago, a pair of members worked together on an antimeta deck, trying to improve and spread some awareness. The deck still needs work but is generally fun.
Let's start with the key components and then I'll add my little spin.

If this monster destroys a monster on your opponent's side of the field in battle, your opponent skips his/her next Main Phase 1.

A low atk tribute monster that most players would glance at and ignore. While it does skip the first main phase of your opp, it simply sends them into their battle phase from standby.

Next is Thunder of Ruler.
Normal trap
You can only activate this card during your opponent's Standby Phase. During the turn this card is activated, your opponent cannot conduct his/her Battle Phase.

This shuts down the battle phase and has been seen in numerous stall decks. Used with Timeater, your opp is left with draw, standby and end phase. Cutting main 1 and battle phase stops your opp from entering main 2. Threatening Roar has a similar effect but will let them enter main 2.

Now we cut off their second main phase.
Terminal World
Continuous spell
Activate only during Main Phase 1. While this card is on the field, both players skip their Main Phase 2.

Now the turn will be draw, standby, end.

Now the hard part. Thunder of Ruler and Threatening Roar are only 6 cards with limited retrieval choices. Another issue is that Timeater must constantly kill a monster to make the opp skip their first main phase. And then there's always the consistency issue.
Now during the think sessions that were held by the two members, atleast one person tried Mask of Darkness to retrieve Thunder and Roar. Another person used Creature Swap to hand off battle recruiters (Mystic Tomato and the like) to the opp to deal with Timeater. Another option is Black Garden.
For consistency we have Duality. For Time edible monsters there's Wall of Ivy and Ojama Trio. To deal with Timeater's low ATK there's Solidarity in pure machine builds and Burden of the Mighty in all others. There's also Shrink and Forbidden Lance.

To help with Timeater's tribute there's Psychic Shockwave.
Normal trap
Activate only when your opponent activates a Trap Card. Discard 1 Spell/Trap Card to Special Summon 1 Level 6 DARK Machine type monster from your Deck.

The card was meant to be a way to summon Jinzo but it works here well enough.
Another card that helps is Safe Zone to keep Timeater alive as well as safe from bothersome Veilers.

Now for the actual deck. As I said, I put my own spin on the deck, making it a little less focused on Timeater.

3 Timeater
3 Victory Viper XX03
2 Falchion Beta
2 Jade Knight
3 Lord British Space Fighter
3 Blue Thunder T-45

2 Solidarity
2 Enemy Controller
2 Burden of the Mighty
3 Terminal World
2 Mystical Space Typhoon
Limiter Removal
United We Stand
Book of Moon
Monster Reborn
Dark Hole

3 Thunder of Ruler
2 The Huge Revolution is Over
Mirror Force
2 Torrential Tribute

I took Timeater's need to eat monsters and combined it with Spaceships' same need.
E Con allows for easier snacks while making use of the tokens.
United makes a single ship into a boss, especially if used on Viper.
Huge Revolution was discussed in an earlier article and works well here.
The rest is self explanatory.
Enjoy the solitaire when you get the lock off and enjoy the beatdown otherwise.
Thanks for reading. Until next time this is the Island of Lost Cards, taking care of the ignored and unwanted.

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