Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Proof of Powerlessness

For those rogue decks that drop high level monsters, do you hate when your opponent swarms the field for a synchro summon to take down your beast? Well now you'll have an answer.

I introduce Proof of Powerlessness.
Normal trap
Activate only while you control a Level 7 or higher monster. Destroy all faceup Level 5 or lower monsters your opponent controls. Monsters you control cannot attack this turn.

Now let's see what decks can use this.
Dragons with Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and FGD/Five-Headed Dragon. Decks using Flamvell Firedog and Mage. Heroes with their fusions. Malefics. Machina. Any deck that can regularly drop a lvl7+.
Now some of you may notice the last line. It can easily be disregarded. Now if the card was a spell, that line would mean something. As a trap, you're free to activate it during your opp's turn where your monsters can't even declare attacks.
The only concerns with this card are exceeds. They have ranks instead of lvls making them immune to all cards that specify lvls such as Gravity Bind and Level Limit Area A or B so watch it.
Now let's talk uses. Worried about an impending synchro/exceed summon? Just flip Proof and your opp has lost their material. Got a pesky Agent deck that just spammed Shine Balls? Flip Proof and make them powerless. We have a conditional, free Lightning Vortex. And best of all it's chainable so if your opp tries to destroy your high lvl monster, drag theirs down too.
Now let's see those rogue decks wreck.
Until next time we on the Island of Lost Cards take care of the unwanted and ignored.

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